Electrician Bondi

Eastern Tech Services offers skilled workmanship and high quality customer service to Bondi with the assurance that our customers will be satisfied with every aspect of their service. We offer both residential and commercial services to our clients for any and all of their home or workplace electrical needs.

Updating and repairing the electricals in your home is one of the best ways to add value, save money in the long-term and to keep your home and family safe. We offer a range of residential services that include fault finding, RCD (safety switch), energy efficient lighting solutions, energy saving solutions and re-wiring.

Fault finding is an important service that detects any electrical problem in your home, allowing our trained electricians to diagnose the damage and begin repairing. We have seen many customers try fault finding themselves only to create more damage or come up empty handed. While it may seem like a DIY job, fault finding can be dangerous and lead to more costly electrical damage. This is because minute observations and the correct safety management are absolutely necessary for a thorough and accurate service. So if you are experiencing electrical glitches in your home, it is best to contact a trained professional.

We also recommend professional assistance and service for commercial properties, even more so than residential, this is because commercial properties are often electrically connected to our suites, rooms or businesses. Some of the commercial services offered by Eastern Tech Services include programmed and scheduled maintenance, lighting cost analysis, custom boardroom designs and automation installation. Commercial automation connects all electrical aspects of your workplace to be controlled from one or multiple devices. Not only does commercial automation make your workplace ultra contemporary and work efficient but it is also a long-term energy saving investment.

For electricians in Bondi that believe in quality workmanship and customers, contact Eastern Tech Services.