IT Support Sydney & Wireless Network Installation Services

We provide tailored and effective IT support, no matter the size of your business. We are good at what we do and have over 12 years experience in designing, servicing and managing IT customized for your business.


Why Choose ETS ? 

ETS has over 12 years’ experience in ICT design, Implementation and servicing. we understand having an IT partner that is able to continuously provide an excellent level of service to your business and your staff. We work with you to not only support your business, but to educate your business where IT really matters.

IT Services

If you asked any small business on what their most time consuming IT task would be & its likely they would say it’s the day-day management of their IT assets.

ETS will help you undertake a daily management of your systems and tasks freeing up your time to focus on the important functions of your business. Comprehensive planning of ICT determining which products to use and delivery models which will provide you the greatest benefit to your business.


Wireless Network Installation


Commercial & Residential WiFi Installations, helping you understand that not all WiFi is created equal, not all client devices, iPhone’s, Samsung’s & Computers are created equal. ETS has the tools, knowledge and experience in designing, troubleshooting and deploying successful WiFi so you and your customers have the best possible user experience.

Most common mistake being made In WiFi deployments is the reuse of WiFi channels, especially in the 2.4mhz range. You may already know that there are three prime channels of use on 2.4ghz, 1, 6 and 11 having too many WiFi’s on the same channel you receive co-channel interference & this can cause Issues for your WiFi speeds. Especially noticed in the CBD because ot the high density of businesses in the area.

Its always recommended to deploy a WiFi install with 5Ghz as your primary coverage the benefits outweighs the cons