Smoke Alarms Installer

A smoke alarm is one of the most important safety features that any building can have, whether it’s your home, workplace or commercial property. Legislation in Australia requires all homes, including rental properties, campervans, caravans or other relocatable homes to have at least one (1) working smoke alarm. Failure to install a smoke alarm could result in fines up to $550, far outweighing the cost and benefits of a high quality alarm.

While the penalties are tough, the fact of the matter is that smoke alarms save lives. It may be easy to spot a fire or smell smoke while you are waiting for your dinner to cook but that isn’t always the case when you are sleeping.

Our skilled electricians install both photoelectric, ionization and dual sensors based on your own individual concerns and your home. Photoelectric sensors are excellent for detecting fires that generate large amounts of smoke whilst ionization detectors are better suited to recognise fast burning, flaming fires. Dual sensors combine both types of technology and are therefore considered the safest option for your home or business.

To ensure that your home or workplace provides the upmost safety benefit from smoke alarms, our Eastern Tech Services electricians consider the layout of your home and its features before installation. For example, alarms are rarely installed near ventilated areas or close to windows, as they cannot accurately detect the smoke in the room.

Another home feature that our electricians consider is the presence of fireplaces. Due to the flow of smoke that fireplaces can produce rooms with this featured are best suited for ionization sensors to detect hazardous fires, instead of poorly ventilated chimneys.

Contact our trained electricians to install smoke alarms in your home to protect you and your family.